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Lauren Campoli provides aggressive representation to adults and juveniles facing
misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony charges in Minnesota State and Federal Courts.
Lauren Campoli is a Criminal Law Specialist located in Edina, MN certified by the MN State Bar Association.
Fewer than 3% of all registered attorneys in the state are certified specialists in their field.
Ms. Campoli is a nationally recognized trial lawyer and has personally tried over 50 jury trials.

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Lauren Campoli is an experienced trial lawyer. Her passion for her work is evidenced by her contagious enthusiasm and her belief in the goodness of humanity and the importance of second chances. For Lauren, representing clients is not just a job. It is a calling. She is a compassionate, yet skilled, advocate that handles each case as if it were her own.

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Lauren Campoli is a locally loved and nationally ranked criminal defense lawyer. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to getting results. Get in touch now to discuss your best defense.

Assault & Domestic Violence Defense in Edina

Walking into court without an attorney and pleading guilty to an assault is the worst thing you can do . Remember this: An assault constitutes a criminal conviction. This can have serious impact on your ability to get a job, a home, a loan, or attend school. Hiring an experienced assault & domestic violence attorney should be your first step in protecting your future, your rights and your freedom.

Hire an Experienced & Powerful Edina DWI Attorney

Lauren Campoli is a local Edina DWI & DUI attorney that focuses on getting you the best outcome possible in your driving while intoxicated case. Ms. Campoli will help you protect your license and your record. She understands the DWI law, the possible outcomes, and the collateral consequences of a DWI conviction. She has received very favorable outcomes on over 700 cases for her clients through careful preparation, legal research, negotiation, and trial.

Looking for a Drug Crime Lawyer in Edina?

If you have been charged with a drug offense, you need a skilled, knowledgeable, and aggressive drug charge defense attorney who understands the law and who has a record of success. Lauren Campoli is a fierce litigator that has won drug cases prior to trial by challenging the State’s evidence. This becomes particularly important in drug cases because police officers do make mistakes in their zealous searches and seizures.

Discrete and Effective Edina Sex Crime Attorneys

There are many defenses to criminal sexual conduct allegations. Allegations can include criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, loitering with intent, solicitation, rape, criminal sexual predatory conduct, indecent exposure, and more. Since no two cases are alike, Ms. Campoli will assess your case personally, determine the best strategy for you, and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Are You In Need of an Edina Expungement Lawyer?

Minnesota just passed new expungement laws in the beginning of 2015 and it is now possible to have all of your public records sealed. If you’ve had difficulty moving forward in life because of a past criminal charge or conviction on your record, now’s the time to talk to one of the best expungement attorneys and see how you can have that removed from public view.

Looking for a Title IX Defense Attorney in Edina?

The Law in MN requires that universities and colleges investigate student sexual assault and harrassment charges. If you’ve been accused, you’ll be required to undergo a disciplinary hearing under Title IX law. This is where you need to call one of the top Edina Title IX defense firms to be at your side. If you or your son or daughter have been accused of sexual assault, call Lauren Campoli today.

A Review of The Law Office of Lauren Campoli, PLLC, an Edina-based Criminal Defense Law Firm

I am so fortunate to find Lauren to represent me in my case. She was honest, kind and a wonderful partner in a difficult situation. She was able resolve my legal problem and bring about the best possible result for my case. I absolutely recommend Lauren Campoli to anyone who needs an honest, caring, and truly professional representation.
Date published: 2017-06-29
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