Nonviolent financial crimes usually derail even the most promising professional careers. It is not just the money that is missing. Usually, the breach of trust is what employers, and potential employers, despise the most. Even lengthy prison sentences eventually end, but the stain of a criminal conviction may last forever.

The experienced Minneapolis white collar crime lawyers at the Law Office of Lauren Campoli routinely handle these matters in Hennepin County and nearby jurisdictions. So, we use proven methods to undermine the state’s evidence. And, we utilize a number of strategies which often result in no criminal conviction.

Types of White Collar Crime

White collar crime is an umbrella term that includes a number of financial offenses in the Minnesota penal code. Most, but not all, feature an employer-employee relationship. Some examples include:

  • Mortgage fraud,
  • Embezzlement,
  • Insurance fraud,
  • Bribery,
  • Tax fraud, and
  • Computer theft.

If no money changed hands, or the defendant makes restitution, a Minneapolis white collar crime lawyer can usually resolve the case out of court. This resolution often involves no criminal conviction.

Evidence Issues and Minneapolis White Collar Crime Lawyers

Fraud is basically a material misstatement of a current fact. Not all misstatements are material. Furthermore, false statements about future business prospects is not the misrepresentation of a current fact.

Additionally, white collar criminal matters often rely on property owners and other lay witnesses. Unlike professional police officer witnesses, lay witnesses often fold during cross-examination. In some cases, they may not be qualified to testify at all. If there is no effective witness, there is no case.

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