5 Star Attorney

All of the testimonials below were provided by Lauren’s clients through Avvo.com and are unedited.


Lauren gave me a second chance

“As a 20-year-old, straight A college student, I had a bright future ahead of me. Unfortunately, I was charged with a misdemeanor traffic violation earlier this year. I was very scared. I researched and talked to several lawyers, but I felt Lauren was the only one who truly cared about my case and my future. I was a little apprehensive about paying for a private attorney, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Lauren worked relentlessly on my case, was always available to talk to and even traveled hours from Minneapolis to represent me in a different city. She got me the best possible outcome I could have ever imagined. As a result of hiring Lauren, I now have no criminal record and was able to keep my license (which would have been suspended for six months). I know Lauren spent hours on my case given the fact that she explained to me every detail and fact of the case as it unfolded. Lauren is a professional who keeps the law profession noble. She truly cares for her clients, works undoubtedly hard to protect their rights and is the most caring professional I have had the privilege to work with. There is no doubt I would hire Lauren again or recommend her to a friend or family member in trouble.”

– Lisa, a Criminal Defense client


Look no further — Pick Lauren!

“We were clueless and uniformed and had a son in trouble. About the only thing we knew was that the court-appointed defense attorney was in over their head. Enter Lauren Campoli! We hired her, and she rescued us from a system that was bent on annihilating our son. She knows her “stuff” and covers all the bases. She thinks through and imagines any and every scenario that may arise and cause complications. She is worth every penny, as any good lawyer is; but she is more than good, she’s extraordinary!”

– A Juvenile Defense client


Best outcome possible!!

“I had a tough case, and I couldn’t be convicted of anything because of my job, so my goal that became Lauren’s goal when I first spoke with her, was to not have my background affected. There’s something that Lauren does that not many other lawyers do, she prepares a mitigation package for the prosecutor to review, and in my case, it worked! When I arrived to court, Lauren was already there waiting for me and told me right away that she had good news for me. She had arrived to court earlier in order to talk to the prosecutor and was able to negotiate an outcome, and I will continue to have a clean background. I couldn’t be happier! Lauren got to know me and answered all of my questions. She talked me through the steps and also held me accountable for my parts, since it is MY future we were dealing with. I even had questions for her after the final decision and she answered them also, and I know that I’ll be able to reach out to her in the event of more questions that may come up. I hope to never need her again, but I would definitely recommend her services!”

– A Criminal Defense client


Barracuda in Ballet Shoes

“Don’t be fooled by the classy attire and impeccable manners, Lauren will get down and dirty when she needs to. She left no stone unturned in my two cases, fighting for me tooth and nail until we got exactly what we wanted. She’s a no bull@$#t, let’s get this done, I’ve got this handled, don’t worry about this kind of attorney, which is exactly what I needed. Her attention to detail, follow through, and strategies are impeccable. I’m thrilled with her work. She’s well connected and is passionate about her clients. Hopefully I will never need her services again, but I’ll hire her all over again if I ever do!”

-A Criminal Defense client


Passionate, intelligent and effective!

“I was facing lasting ramifications and couldn’t fathom the impact on my long term goals and career aspirations. Ms. Campoli kept me informed throughout the entire process and made me feel confident with her ability to get me the best possible result. She treated me more like a friend than a client. I would highly recommend her because of her passion, intelligence and willingness to go above and beyond. She didn’t settle for a decent outcome, she made sure to shape the outcome and I can’t put into words how thankful I am.”

– Ryan, a Domestic Violence client


I wish we would have found her earlier in our process. Simply the Best of legal Representation.

“There is no one better than Lauren Campoli to handle your legal issues. Our family worked with her on a very emotional issue and she was always there for us with the correct legal information and the drive we needed in a lawyer.

We thank her with our hearts for the work she put into this very complicated and intense case. We can’t say enough about her professionalism and her compassion. Thank you Lauren!!”

– Bobbie, a Criminal Defense client


Lauren Campoli did it! She got my charges DISMISSED!

“Lauren has been a person I knew I could count on when I received a letter from her office. It stating I had been charged in a criminal case from a raid that happened 3 months earlier. If it hadn’t been for her letter I would have not known of these charges because the courts sent the court papers to an old address. Lauren assured me at our first meeting, that she will fight for me and my rights all the way to trial. Whenever I had a question She went out of her way to get an answer to me within a day or two.

Entering a court room is very stressful on anyone. I can say that, I felt confident with Lauren on my side that she would get the dismissal we were fighting for… AND SHE DID! Lauren is on top of her game, She works hard to show that we, as clients, have rights and deserve the best representation in the court room. I could not refer a better lawyer then Lauren.

I want to express my graditude to her for all she has done for me in this criminal case. She knew that any conviction would cost me my job. Lauren addressed all of my concerns, and went into detail to explain how each one would be handled. She is great at looking at all sides of the situation and listens to you. Lauren is, in my book, the best lawyer to represent you in your case. Its true that great things come in small packages! Thank you again Lauren you have been a god sent.”

– Theresa, a Criminal Defense client


Outstanding Attorney

“My case was tough. There was a lot of evidence against me, so for Lauren it was less prove my innocence and more work for the best possible outcome. Every time we seemed to be at a dead end, Lauren came up with something to swing the pendulum in our favor. This was the first time I had ever been in a situation like this, so along with being very nervous, and scared, I flat out didn’t know what to expect.

Lauren was great in explaining everything and making sure I totally understood what was going on. Lauren met several times with the prosecution, successfully reducing the charges, and thereby the potential sentence. However, the best move Lauren made was requesting that the judge allow a pre-plea investigation with a probation officer. The goal was to show the court that despite the evidence, I deserved leniency in sentencing based on the facts that I had no previous record, was not a threat to re-offend, and am an overall good person. This proved to be the most savvy move she made, as the interview went great. Based largely on the recommendation from the probation officer the judge saw no reason to have me serve any time locked up, when I could have faced up to 3 1/2 years.

If I am ever in need of an attorney (Though I don’t plan to), I will most certainly call on Lauren Campoli. I would very highly recommend her.”

– White Collar Crime client


Stellar representation

“Lauren was absolutely terrific – responsive, thoughtful and committed. Everything you could ask for in a lawyer. I would use her again without quesiton.”

– Speeding Ticket client


Professional and Highly Competent

“Lauren helped me resolve a traffic violation favorably and quickly.

I don’t find myself trusting attorneys very easily, but I immediately felt comfortable with Lauren’s professionalism and her assurance that she didn’t easily compromise.

She set my expectations beforehand by detailing the steps, so I knew what to expect. She was able to negotiate a favorable outcome with the prosecutor and we concluded our business.

I hope not to need any legal services soon, but when I do I will definitely use her services and I personally recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance.”

– Jim, a Speeding Ticket client


In good hands

“Lauren handled a case for my family which involved specialized circumstances. She went above and beyond what we expected in order to fully understand our unique situation. Note only was she able to negotiate a outcome better then we expected but she also put us in touch with colleagues of hers that helped us move forward.”

– A Criminal Defense client


Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney.

“I thank Attorney Lauren Campoli for representing my case. I was charged with misdemeanor for the first time, I lost hope and was living in constant fear since that day. After meeting with Attorney Lauren for initial consultation, She listened to my side of the case. She treated me with courtesy and integrity. Lauren lifted my sprits and gave me hope. Lauren is always available to answer my questions and clearing my doubts. She is a fighter for her clients. She challenged DA’s deal and fought for the best outcome. My family and I are very grateful to Lauren. Attorney Lauren got me out the case with best result in my favor ( which I could only dream of) . I have made the best choice by seeking Lauren services.”

– A Criminal Defense client


Informative and knows how to negotiate for best resolution

“Lauren did a great job and has a great attitude. She was responsive to our questions as we went through the process. She got us good resolution that we could not been able to get trying to meander the process alone. I felt she fought for the best resolution for the situation.”

– Criminal Defense client


Thanks Lauren!

“Lauren was very attentive and worked with me to obtain the best possible outcome for my case. No throwing in the towel early! She is passionate about what she does, which is obvious from her knowledge and drive! I would hire her again, in a heartbeat! Let’s hope I don’t need her though…”

– Kyle, a Criminal Defense client



“Hands down a great experience with Lauren. In a system that can manipulate and judge based on opinions and not facts, she was able to steer the opinions of those on the case towards the truth. Poignant and helpful all the way through the process I felt like I finally had someone on my side. Besides it being her job, it seemed like she believed in me and had confidence in her ability to help me as best she could. Lauren is a professional and outstanding lawyer and I would say the same of her had we not won the case.”

– Michael, a Criminal Defense client


The best lawyer I have ever hired

“She is extremely knowledgable and will provide you with all alternatives to help you win your case.

It is very easy to contact her and she is quick with responses. I was very happy with hiring her as my lawyer.”

– Raymond, a Administrative Law client


Lauren Campoli Is Awesome.

“Several months ago I was arrested for 4th degree damage to property after taking part in an act of civil disobedience. In a system that can often make you feel very vulnerable having Lauren on my side made me feel protected and empowered. Lauren is extremely knowledgeable, engaged, and fervent in her work. While my case may not have been the most prestigious she always treated my concerns with timely responses and direct, helpful, answers. I never felt like I was just “another case” to her . Lauren was able to balance professionalism and empathy in a manner rarely found in any field. She kept me informed every single step of the way. In the end she was able to get the charges against me dismissed!

I cannot recommend Lauren more highly. She is a credit to her profession and I would recommend her to anyone. If more lawyers had her immense talents and ethical standards the world would be a much better place!”

– Brian, a Criminal Defense client


Professional Personal and Reliable

“Lauren was on the case and doing her homework from day one. She was very thorough with us and explained everything in detail, yet simple enough for us to understand. Our questions were answered immediately and she was available at all times. Options were alway offered to us, but never did she tell us what we had to do. Her mannerisms were personal and she truly put us at ease with our issues. Should we ever need an attorney again, Lauren will be our choice!”

– Karen and Jon, a DUI client


Ms. Lauren Campoli really has a passion for her job.

“Lauren helped me on my case recently and the outcome could not have been better. I am very grateful for her services and for her attentiveness. She was very straight forward with me and listened to everything I had to say. I would definitely recommend her to anyone currently dealing with a criminal case.”

– S. Lopez, a Criminal Defense client


Lauren Campoli is a lawyer who will always give you her best!

“Lauren Campoli handled my case with a great deal of respect and showed true concern with my family and what was best for my situation. She was always easy to reach by phone or email. Anytime I had a question she went above and beyond her job to make sure I understood the issue and gave me the best advice possible. Ms. Campoli always represented me with dignity and professionalism. She was also great at putting things in perspective and helping me through a time in my life where I was very afraid of the unknown. Having her on my side made my situation so much easier to face. She knows the laws and will find answers to any questions you may have. I felt she fought very hard to get me the best outcome with my case and she did just that. Truly Ms. Campoli cares about her clients. When you hire her you are hiring a stellar attorney who will do everything in her power to give you the best possible outcome while always putting your needs first. I really hit the jackpot when I found Lauren Campoli. Thank you for caring enough to go the extra distance. Working with you has made my life better and that’s what makes you stand out above all other attorneys. You are the best and I will forever be grateful for having worked with you.”

– Tratcy, a DUI client



“I have recently hired Lauren to take on my case as I was being accused of 5th Degree Assault Charges. Lauren did everything in her power to make we welcome in her office, comfortable and confident in her ability to represent me. By keeping in touch regularly, diving deep into the details of the case as well as providing me all the information in which she had discovered allowed me to give my utmost attention to the matter at hand. Needless to say her hard work paid off as my case was dismissed and I was exonerated from these charges. My greatest thanks goes out to Lauren Campoli as these charges have remained off of my record! Thanks again Lauren!”

– Adam, a Criminal Defense client



“Lauren was wonderful in assisting me within my case, she representing me with knowledge, and kept me informed every step of the way. I was very greatful in having lauren beside me in court.”

– Gwendolyn, a Criminal Defense client


Most ambitious

“Lauren is the most ambitious attorney I have ever come across. Forget the path to innocence, she will clear cut the forest to do whatever it takes to get the best possible result for her client.”

– Mike, a Speeding Ticket client


Defense of Client Charged a Felony

“Ms. Campoli was hired to defend our high school son who was charged with a felony in the spring of 2012. Using skill, experience, legal expertise and compassion, she labored to defend him and successfully acquired a reduced misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. We consider the result Ms. Campoli facilitated to be a positive conclusion to a very negative and upsetting situation.”

– A Household in Plymouth, a Criminal Defense client


Great representation

“Lauren was fantastic! She kept me up to date on everything that was going on. She got the best outcome possible every time. I would recommend Lauren anytime.”

– Michael, a Car Accident client


A ray of light in a terrible situation!

“Being that I never had to hire a criminal lawyer before I did not know what to do or what to ask. I was blessed that the day I was given notice of my charges I happen to also receive a letter in the mail from Lauren stating her services and how she could help. That first night she scheduled a time with me to discuss what I should look for in a lawyer even if I did not go with her. She also stressed that she would never tell me what I should do and would always list out all possible options.

After that conversation I knew that this person had the best interests not only for me but for my family also. Even during this tough period with not only these legal issues but with family/medical issues she was there to help ensure I did not stress over the legal events. Anytime I made contact with her she was also responsive to my needs and took the time to understand what I had as questions.

Not only through her duties as a lawyer but as a person she took the time to understand the case. All aspects which included technical and personalities were examined so that she could provide the highest quality and level of service. If she did not understand something she was not afraid to ask a question. Like wise if I had a question which she did not have an immediate answer on she stated that and researched the answer for me in a timely matter.

I had the most overall positive outcome in this case that anyone could ask for and I know it was all due to her hard work and character not only professionally but as a person also.”

– John, a Criminal Defense client


Thorough, dedicated, smooth, and worry free experience!

“Lauren was on top of things right from our first phone consultation. She was very straightforward about potential expectations as well as risk. Expedient and diligent in her work, Lauren made sure all the evidence was procured and critically reviewed before the hearing while constantly keeping me in the loop. The day of the trial was smooth and simple for me; she firmly stood for my case and delivered the results as expected. I would highly recommend Lauren for her personal approach and experienced representation.”

– Jonathan, a Speeding Ticket client


Excellent results!

“I would recommend Lauren without hesitation . She fought for exactly the outcome I was hoping for, not accepting the first offer made by the prosecutor, and making the extra effort to obtain the outcome desired. I was kept informed at all points in the process, and made aware of the implications of any decisions made. Overall, an extremely positive experience.”

– John, a Speeding Ticket client


Thanks Lauren!

“Lauren did an excellent job cross referencing Mike and defending me. She was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job at being fully prepared for the case. I am very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend her to all of my friends and family in the future. She is great defense attorney.”

– Kim, a Domestic Violence client


The Best Attorney

“Lauren worked hard to get me the best possible outcome and it allowed me to get a second chance. She was always there for me and my family whenever we had questions and answered them promptly. She was very knowledgeable in her field and knows the the law in and out. Lauren will fight to get you the best possible outcome in your case, no matter what your case is. I would highly recommend her for your defense!!!”

– Yan, a Criminal Defense client


Intelligent, Professional, Excellent Results

“I know I received the best defense possible with Lauren as my lawyer. She is smart, confident, and effective. From day one, she provided courteous service and prompt attention to my unique situation. There was a problem that popped up before my trial, and Lauren made all of the necessary communications on my behalf, before I could even ask her to do so. She really made my experience as stress-free as possible.

Lauren is a great asset in the courtroom as well. She knows the law inside and out. I was really impressed with her confident speaking skills during my defense. She is a fighter! And the best part- she gets results. Slam dunk.”

– Elissa, a Speeding Ticket client


The Best

“Lauren is one of the best Lawyer a person can have my son was faceing 7 years in prison. He was set up and Lauren fought for him and i mean hard. She a hard fighter and willing to go that xtra mile. I truly love her as a person Go Lauren. My Family Thanks you.”

– A Criminal Defense client


Extremely Competent Attorney!!!

“I am very fortunate to have had Lauren Campoli referred to me. Lauren represented me in a speeding incident that had extenuating circumstances. Genuinely compassionate, she negotiated an agreement that all but had the charges dropped 100%. I am ecstatic!!! I would definitely recommend The Campoli Law Firm. After 36 years of being in business I have retained and worked along side many attorneys – Lauren is right at the top…Not every attorney does rate that well, either. Lauren is a no nonsense individual, she will represent you with confidence and still treat you as a person. All throughout the process and afterward – Lauren is someone to respect. She is extremely knowledgeable and does not seem to be afraid of the devil!!

If you retain Ms. Campoli just be very thankful that she is working with you and not on the other side!!!”

– Kevin, a Speeding Ticket client


Excellent Attorney

“Lauren did a fantastic job of representing my wife and getting her charge seriously reduced. We have seldom worked with a more enthusiastic person. She was effective because of her experience and knowledge of the legal system. Because of this she was able to explain all of our options and give us excellent advice. Highly recommended!”

– Jim, a Criminal Defense client


I highly recommend Lauren Campoli as an attorney.

“Lauren was a wonderful attorney. She was able to get an agreement that protected me and my driving record. She was extremely attentive to my concern regarding the case. She kept me updated on all aspects of my case and truly helped me to stay calm during the process. Lauren was very knowledgable about the laws regarding my case. I would highly recommend Lauren for any case you need an requiring an attorney.”

– Michelle, a Speeding Ticket client


Warranty Review

“I experienced an issue with my furnace warranty. I prepared a letter to the manufacturer to document my case and requested Ms Campoli review the letter. She provided a thorough review and suggestions to strengthen my case. Her suggestions resulted in a call from the company’s legal department in one week. I am extremely satisfied with her professionalism and responsiveness.”

– Donna, an Administrative Law client