Aside from a handful of other offenses, such as serious sex crimes. Vehicular homicide may be the worst infraction in Minneapolis. Generally, these offenses involve a complete lack of respect for the safety of others, and that may be worse than a burst of uncontrollable anger. No one wants to live with a label like that.

So, the Minneapolis vehicular homicide lawyers at the Law Office of Lauren Campoli come out swinging. An aggressive posture is the best way to successfully resolve these cases. Due to the nature of the offense, Hennepin County prosecutors rarely offer favorable deals in vehicular homicide cases. Therefore, we try harder.

Procedural Defenses That Can Be Considered

Police error defenses are often effective, but they are difficult to win. Many courts are willing to overlook what they consider harmless errors.

Often, police officers start asking questions before they give suspects their Miranda rights. As a result, any statements made or evidence obtained may be inadmissible in court.

There may be procedural defenses as to the intoxication element as well. Many times, officers demand chemical breath or blood samples, but they lack probable cause. Additionally, these chemical tests have a number of inherent flaws. Frequently, a Minneapolis vehicular homicide lawyer partners with a chemist to drive these flaws home with the jury.

Minneapolis Vehicular Homicide Lawyers and Substantive Defenses

Lack of evidence is often an issue in these cases. Generally, by the time emergency responders arrive at the scene, the defendant has already exited the vehicle. In court, it is therefore hard to prove the defendant was driving the car at the time.

Type of injury may be a factor as well. The state must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accident caused the victim’s injuries. Generally, that means there can be no pre-existing medical condition or intervening cause, like delayed emergency response. On a related note, there is a difference in the levels of injury. The pleadings often do no match the proof.

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