Proven Results

The Will to Win

Ms. Campoli’s clients come to her to get results and that is exactly what she does. Of course no attorney can guarantee results, but, Ms. Campoli guarantees the will to win every single case. Whether it involves a preliminary investigation, a violent felony, a lesser misdemeanor, or traffic offense. Your freedom and future is at stake.

Ms. Campoli’s modus operandi for success is no secret. It’s a combination of preparation, enthusiasm, creativity, old-fashioned hard work, and the will to win.


A Proven Track Record

Almost any attorney can win some of the time. The true test of a great attorney is one who can win most of the time, despite the facts of the case or the severity of the charges.

Our firm has an open-book policy when it comes to trial results. The results listed show unedited trial statistics from the past few years. The names have been abbreviated to protect the clients’ identity and this list does not include the hundreds of other cases that resulted in successful resolutions prior to trial. This is a team that wants to win. This is a team that wins.



Trial Results

Trial: 51
Charges:  Theft by Receiving
Details:  Mr. R.D. accused of theft by receiving, a felony, after police find him asleep behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle. Government wants R.D. to plead guilty to a felony.
Verdict: DA offered Mr. R.D. a misdemeanor in the middle of the trial.



Trial:  50
Charges:  Distribution of a controlled substance
Details:  Ms. T.S. charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance, a felony, after police make a controlled buy recorded on tape and utilizing a confidential informant. Government wants T.S. to plead guilty to a felony.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial:  49
Charges:  Distribution of a controlled substance, Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine
Details:  Mr. M.M. was charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Conspiracy to Distribute, and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine after S.W.A.T. busted into his friend’s home and found over 300 grams of cocaine. M.M. was in the house at the time of the bust. M.M. faced a mandatory prison sentence, if convicted.
Verdict: Not Guilty. Not Guilty. Not Guilty.



Trial:  48
Charges:  Poss. w/intent to Deliver Possession of Marijuana
Details:  Mr. M.G., who just turned 18, faced two serious felony drug charges when he was apprehended by police carrying over 545 grams of marijuana and a scale. He later made a statement admitting possession and possession with intent to deliver the marijuana.
Verdict: Not Guilty of Possession with Intent to Deliver, a felony. Guilty of misdemeanor possession.



Trial:  47
Charges: Assault
Details: Mr. G.M. was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly throwing his girlfriend out of his car causing scratches to her arms and legs.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial: 46
Charges: Resisting Arrest, Obstructing Justice
Details: Mr. K.W. was charged with two misdemeanors after police barged into his home without a warrant looking for K.W.’s daughter. K.W. got upset and physically fought with police.
Verdict: Not Guilty of Resisting Arrest. Guilty of Obstructing Justice.



Trial: 45
Charges: Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor x 5 Transfer of MJ to Minors x 5
Details: Ms. K.W., who had no criminal history, was charged with 10 felonies after allegedly providing marijuana to 5 children who later identified her to police.
Verdict: Not Guilty x 5. Not Guilty x 4. Judgment of Acquittal x 1.



Trial: 44
Charges: Robbery Assault Theft
Details: Ms. T.D. was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors after she stole ground chuck from a grocery store and got into a fight with 2 loss prevention associates.
Verdict: Not Guilty of Robbery. Not Guilty of Assault. Guilty of misdemeanor theft.



Trial: 43
Charges: 1st Murder
Details: Mr. R.G. was charged with First Degree Murder after fighting with and then stabbing another man in the chest.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial: 42
Charges: Attempted Murder First Degree Assault Menacing Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender
Details: Mr. T.M. was charged with Attempted Murder and other crimes when he allegedly shot an 18 year-old in the neck during an alleged drug deal.
Verdict: Attempted Murder – dismissed after motions hearing on constitutional grounds. DA made an offer in the middle of the trial to a lesser felony. Instead of facing a mandatory 10-32 years in prison, client faced non-mandatory 1-6 years. Client accepted the offer.



Trial: 41
Charges: Cruelty to Animals
Details: Mr. W.O. was accused of felony cruelty to animals after a boy called the police to report a man who appeared to be harming his dog.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial: 40
Charges: Habitual Traffic Offender DUI Driving Under Revocation
Details: Mr. P.L. was accused of DUI and DUR after police arrived on the scene of a car accident. P.L. claimed he was not the driver.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial: 39
Charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance
Details: Mr. A.A. was in a car with 4 friends when he got pulled over. Police searched his car and found meth by the driver’s side door. A.A. was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.
Verdict: The government caused a mistrial and then offered Mr. A.A. a misdemeanor.



Trial: 38
Charges: Assault
Details: Mr. C.A. was charged with felony assault after getting into an altercation with his female neighbor. The alleged victim suffered from a broken orbital bone.
Verdict: Not Guilty.



Trial: 37
Charges: Possession of a Dangerous Weapon
Details: Mr. J.B. was charged with a felony after police searched his room and found a sawed off shotgun.
Verdict: Not Guilty.