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As one would expect, a murder charge is the most serious criminal charge a person can face. In the State of In the state of Minnesota there are three different levels of homicide – Murder in the First, Second and Third Degree.

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Murder in the First Degree involves causing the death of someone while committing certain types of heinous crimes, such as intending to cause the death of someone while committing burglary and certain other serious offenses. It also may involve criminal sexual conduct charges.

Murder in the Second Degree is deemed less serious than First Degree Murder because even though the defendant intentionally caused the death of someone they did so without premeditation or planning. It may also be a killing caused by the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life.

Murder in the Third Degree is defined as an act involving an eminently dangerous act without regard for human life. Minnesota law originally defined third degree murder solely as depraved-heart murder. In 1987, additional drug related provision “without intent to cause death, proximately caus[ing] the death of a human being by, directly or indirectly, unlawfully selling, giving away, bartering, delivering, exchanging, distributing, or administering a controlled substance classified in Schedule I or II” was added to third degree murder.

In contrast with charges of murder homicide are a less-serious range of charges involving Manslaughter, which is less culpable then murder. This can either involve a death of another where the person acts in the heat of passion as they are provoked by words or acts. Manslaughter can also involve culpable negligence, causing an unreasonable risk to others.

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In 2014, Ms. Campoli negotiated a resolution of a murder case that will result in a dismissal in 6 months.

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