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Lauren Campoli is a Minneapolis DWI attorney that focuses on getting you the best outcome possible in your DWI case. Protecting your record and your license is of utmost concern to Ms. Campoli. Ms. Campoli is a DWI attorney who understands the DWI law, the possible outcomes, and the collateral consequences of a DWI conviction. She has handled over 700 DWI cases and has received very favorable outcomes for her clients through careful preparation, legal research, negotiation, and trial. She is also an experienced trial attorney who has tried over 50 jury trials.

Each year roughly 30,000 people are arrested for DUI in Minnesota. Nearly 1 in 7 people has a previous DUI on their record. Sometimes, good people make mistakes and get behind the wheel of a car when they should not because often it is hard to tell when the limit has been reached. When good people make mistakes, Ms. Campoli is an attorney that will exhaust every avenue of defense to ensure you get the best result possible for your particular circumstances. She will not simply choose the easiest defense or course of action. She will carefully examine the evidence in your case, determine the best strategy for handling your case, provide sound advice, and work with you to accomplish your goals.

DWI Defense in Minneapolis, Minnesota & Surrounding Metro Areas

The worst thing you can do is walk into court without an attorney and plead guilty to a DWI. Remember this: A DWI constitutes a criminal conviction. This can have serious impact on your ability to get a job, a home, a loan, or attend school. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney is the best first step in protecting your future, your rights and your license.

In July 2011, the DUI statute in Minnesota underwent extensive changes. These changes in the law tighten the license revocation period for most offenses and make ignition interlock necessary for many people after a DUI arrest. A Minneapolis DUI Attorney will help you navigate the complex DUI statute and explain the law and the defenses to you. Contact Lauren Campoli today to schedule a confidential conference at her downtown office.

What is the difference between a DUI and a DWI?

Often the terms DUI and DWI are used interchangeably by attorneys, the Court and lay people. DUI stands for driving under the influence. DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. In Minnesota, the criminal law only refers to DWI’s, not DUI’s. Essentially, these two terms refer to the same offense. In other states, a DUI is a slightly more serious offense than a DWI. Here, though, the severity of a DWI is dependent upon the degree of the DWI charge.

Types of DWI Cases

There are different levels of DWI offenses depending on the person’s BAC, the presence or absence of aggravating factors, and the number of prior DWI convictions. The severity of a DWI charge ranges from misdemeanor (least serious) to felony (most serious). You will see your charge listed on a complaint or a citation. You may be charged with a 4th Degree DWI, A 3rd Degree DWI, A 2nd Degree DWI, or a 1st Degree DWI. The type of DWI charge and the severity of the charge depends on the facts of the case and a person’s previous DWI record.

Yet, even the least serious DWI charge – a 4th Degree DWI – can entail up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Any DWI charge is serious because it may stay on your criminal history indefinitely. So, the best time to protect your record is now. By calling Lauren Campoli, Minnesota DWI attorney, your case will be thoroughly evaluated, researched, and litigated. You will have the piece of mind that comes with hiring a quality DWI attorney.

Protecting Your Future

Lauren Campoli knows that one mistake should not tarnish your entire future. So she is a powerful advocate in the negotiation room and in the courtroom to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients. Her experience defending, investigating, and litigating the most serious of DWI charges enables her to serve her clients efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Protecting Your License

A DWI is not just a criminal case, it is also a civil case. In order to get your license back and to protect your driving record, your attorney must file a civil Implied Consent Petition and then attend an Implied Consent hearing. The Implied Consent hearing is a separate civil matter that is handled by a civil judge. The issues raised in an Implied Consent case are similar to the issues raised in the DWI criminal case. However, the burden of proof is different and strict deadlines for filing the implied consent petition apply. If the Implied Consent Petition is not filed in a timely manner, you will lose the opportunity to contest your license revocation. Further, even if you win your criminal DWI case, if you do not contest the license revocation, a DWI will still appear on your driving record. Therefore, it is extremely important to contact a DWI attorney as soon as possible so that she can file an implied consent petition and fight your license revocation.

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