If a current or former patient or client complains to the bar association, medical board, or other professional association, do not panic. Many times, screeners dismiss these complaints, and the group does not even consider adverse action. If the complaint is meritorious, do not ignore it. Any effective response normally guarantees at least a partially successful outcome.

The compassionate Minneapolis professional disciplinary lawyers at the Law Office of Lauren Campoli understand what you are going through. So, we provide more than effective advocacy. We also give you solid legal advice, so you can make the best possible decisions and not be afraid of unknown consequences.

Initial Actions and Minneapolis Professional Disciplinary Lawyers

For the most part, complaint review boards are professionals themselves. Many of these members have faced the complaint process themselves. Others know someone who has been through the system.

As a result, these review boards take their mission to weed out meritless complaints very seriously. Some examples of meritless complaints include:

  • Speculation as to misconduct,
  • An arrest which did not result in conviction,
  • Results-based misconduct (e.g. I lost my case so the lawyer must have been crooked),
  • “He said, she said” complaints that make unsubstantiated allegations, and
  • A complainant with an axe to grind.

If the response is strong enough, the board often dismisses complaints for these and other reasons. So, an early partnership with an effective Minneapolis professional disciplinary lawyer might be critical.

Subsequent Actions

Occasionally, review boards allow complaints to go forward. That does not necessarily mean the complaint is valid. It only means that the complaint is not facially invalid. So, successful resolution is still possible.

Many complainants lose heart and abandon these matters, especially if a lawyer creates enough obstacles. Additionally, professional organizations usually want to rehabilitate professionals rather than punish them. So, a warning or probation is much more likely than suspension or license revocation.

Connect with an Aggressive Attorney To Discuss Your Case

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