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Need to checkAs a mother, she understands the need of a parent to protect their children when they make mistakes. As a Minnesota attorney, she is an experienced litigator and trial lawyer dedicated to defending children in criminal cases. Lauren Campoli has handled all types of juvenile misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony offenses in Minnesota.

In 2014, through extensive research and litigation, she successfully defended a juvenile charged with murder. Due to her diligence and persistence, she secured a dismissal of the murder charge.

Ms. Campoli also dedicated an entire year of her criminal defense career advocating for the rights of children accused of crimes. She handled over 300 juvenile cases that year alone and worked closely with children and their parents to achieve favorable results.

The juvenile justice system varies greatly from the adult system. The focus in the juvenile system is rehabilitation whereas the focus in the adult criminal justice system is punishment. But, that does not mean that you can take a juvenile charge lightly. Even if you are charged as a juvenile, in certain circumstances, the State can move to have the juvenile tried as an adult. This is called certification to adult court. A criminal defense attorney must challenge certification. If child is certified to adult court, they will face the same punishment as an adult.

Another aspect of juvenile criminal court is Extended Juvenile jurisdiction, or E.J.J. In certain circumstances, a prosecutor can extend an adult sentence over a juvenile even though the juvenile is under 18.

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When a child is charged with a crime, parents want the piece of mind that comes with having an attorney who is prepared, passionate, knowledgeable and results-driven. Call 612-810-0060 today to meet with Lauren and discuss your child’s case with an attorney who cares about her juvenile clients and protecting their future potential.