Hennepin Lawyer magazine


Recently, I was asked to contribute my thoughts to the Ask-a-Lawyer section of the Hennepin Lawyer magazine that was published this month.  The question at hand, “What impact are crime documentaries such as Serial and Making a Murderer having on our criminal justice system?”  I was honored to be asked for my input for the publication because I watched/listened to these pieces with the personal interest that comes from a decade of my own experiences in the courtroom.

These documentaries were remarkable.  The work that went into them by the journalists involved was evident from the beginning.   The journalist’s attention to detail, at times, exceeded the work of the lawyers and investigators on the case.  I took great pleasure in knowing that real people, lay people, could get a glimpse into the lives of the families and lawyers involved.

That being said, it was difficult to watch/see the end result in these cases.  The lifelong impact to everyone involved cannot be expressed in words.  My heart went out to the victims and their families and my heart went out to the convicted and their families.    Whether justice was done, it is impossible to know for sure.  A question still lingers in my mind.  Did the Government truly meet their burden of proving these cases beyond all reasonable doubt?  These documentaries seriously call that issue into question.

So, thank you Mr. Whipps for asking me to be a part of this issue.  And if you want to see my response in the article, here you go:

CLICK HERE to read magazine. Answer on page 16.