Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal Charges

When the stakes are high, Lauren Campoli, a federal criminal defense attorney will mount a vigorous defense.

If you are the target of a federal investigation you may receive a target letter in the mail. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is speak to a federal criminal defense attorney immediately. You need to know your rights, and protect them.

You may be charged federally through an indictment or a complaint. An indictment occurs after the case is presented to a Grand Jury. At this closed proceeding, the government presents evidence in the form of witness testimony to the Grand Jury and the Grand Jury decides whether there is probable cause to charge a person with the alleged offense. The Grand Jury does not hear any defense testimony or witnesses and the Grand Jury does not make any determination of guilt. Rather, the Grand Jury only decides whether there is probable cause to charge the defendant with a crime.

On the other hand, the Government may charge an individual federally by complaint. A complaint is a listing of charges and the definition of those charges accompanied by a signed and sworn affidavit of a police officer detailing the facts of the case. When the Government brings a federal charge by complaint, the defendant is entitled to a hearing on probable cause. One of the most important phases of the case is the probable cause hearing. Not only will your attorney have a chance to cross-examine some of the State’s witnesses, your attorney will also have a chance to gather additional information that will be useful for trial or negotiation.

Lauren Campoli has conducted hundreds of probable cause hearings. Some of these challenges have resulted in complete dismissal of her client’s case. Others have resulted in obtaining favorable information for trial.

Federal Court charges carry some of the most severe punishments in the country. One reason is that the federal sentencing guidelines are rigid and merciless. Several statutes enhance sentencing. For example, The Armed Career Criminal Act, 18 U.S.C. 924(e) provides for a 15 year mandatory minimum if an individual is convicted of prohibited person in possession of a firearm and that same person has three prior felonies or serious drug felonies.

Further, there is a statutory enhancement for drug convictions where the individual has prior drug convictions. 21 U.S.C. 851. In certain situations, if an individual has a prior drug felony that ordinarily carries a 5 year mandatory minimum, upon conviction of a second offense, the 5 year mandatory minimum becomes 10 years. Likewise, a 10 year mandatory minimum would be enhanced to 20 years. In situations where an individual has 2 prior felonies, upon conviction of a third felony, a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence can be enhanced to life in prison.

In addition, for a violation of 8 U.S.C. 1326, reentry after deportation, the base level offense is 8 and that level is increased by 16 levels if the defendant was deported after a conviction for a certain type of drug trafficking offense, a crime of violence, a firearms offense, or other described offenses.

To say that the stakes are high in federal criminal cases is an understatement. Ms. Campoli understands your future and freedom is on the line and will stop at nothing to achieve the best possible result in your case.

Ms. Campoli handles federal arson charges, federal conspiracy charges, federal counterfeiting and forgery charges, federal embezzlement and theft, drug charges – drug possession and trafficking, racketeering, piracy and privateering, kidnapping, internet crimes, mortgage fraud and several others.

If you, or a loved one, is facing a federal indictment or complaint, please pick up the phone and call me today.