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Is Your Professional License at Risk? Here’s What to Do

Whether you have a professional medical license or licensure in another industry, you’re likely aware of the impact a formal complaint can have on your current position. While it may be tempting to manage the situation yourself upon learning of a complaint, the decisions and actions taken immediately after a complaint is made can impact your case’s outcome. So, what steps should you take so you can continue performing your career in the future?

What Criminal Charges Can Put Your Professional License at Risk?

In Minnesota, many different scenarios can potentially put your professional license at risk. Whether it’s a past occurrence that’s affecting your ability to obtain a professional license, your ability to practice has already been interrupted, or you’re facing an investigation or allegations that could put your career at risk, Campoli Defense is here to assist you every step of the way. One mistake or situation doesn’t have to change your entire professional career because we know you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals. Below are a few types of cases that we have defended licensed professionals in:

  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Substance abuse violations
  • License reinstatement
  • Drug crimes
  • Insurance fraud and irregularities
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Ethical violations
  • Poor work performance
  • Violations of state and federal statutes

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Once you’ve learned of a complaint that may put your professional license at risk, it’s vital that you start acting immediately rather than looking for ways to save costs. Attorneys experienced in professional licensure are familiar with the process, state laws, and what exactly is needed from you. While you might be tempted to submit a response on your own, your attorney will help you form your position and draft a thorough response. There are numerous rules and deadlines that need to be followed in cases dealing with professional licenses, and your attorney will make sure you get the best outcome for your situation.

Begin Gathering Evidence and Paperwork

An attorney experienced in professional licensure complaints will defend you. It’s vital that you begin gathering evidence and any relevant paperwork that you feel will help or support your position in front of the panel. Your attorney will likely encourage you to set aside time immediately following the incident so that you can document the chain of events and any areas of uncertainty. It’s recommended to keep all evidence and materials organized in one secure location as this will ensure it’s easily accessible and available at any time.

Meet With and Listen to Your Attorney

Gathering any relevant evidence and paperwork is an essential part of the formal complaint process, and you’ll need to bring all these items when you meet with your attorney. Attorneys are bound by attorney-client privilege, which means your lawyer cannot share or discuss the information you share with them. It’s vital that your attorney fully understands your side of the story, so they can adequately represent you. Make sure you don’t omit any details, even if you’re feeling embarrassed. Your attorney must receive your account of what happened, your motivation, and your full thought process. Keep in mind; if you don’t willingly provide all information, you and your attorney will be placed at a disadvantage during the proceedings.

Learning a formal complaint has been filed against you that could impact your professional license can be very emotional and stressful. While you may feel the need to try and get control of the situation on your own, it’s essential to realize that it’s out of your hands once a formal complaint has been filed. Because of this, it’s vital that you let your attorney manage the process entirely, from leading communications to representing you in front of the board.

Do Not Formulate a Response Alone

Following your meeting with your attorney, you will have peace of mind that the situation is addressed in a timely and effective manner. It may be tempting then to defend yourself. The wise adage nonetheless applies: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” You may feel you have enough information and knowledge to formulate your own response to the charges filed against you. If you find yourself considering this, it’s highly recommended to avoid doing so at all costs. Your attorney is the one that’s experienced in professional licensure cases that can impact your future and your ability to work in the field. Your attorney will prepare your materials in keeping with applicable state laws and license regulations so that you are defended in the best way possible.

Formal Complaints Are Challenging

Discovering you’ve had a formal complaint filed against you can be alarming, especially if you feel you’ve done nothing wrong. No matter your situation, it’s vital that you contact an experienced attorney right away so you can be represented correctly before the licensing agency and get the results you deserve. While these challenging cases can take some time, having an attorney familiar with professional licensure and your state’s laws will be extremely beneficial to your case’s outcome.

Contact an Experienced Minneapolis Professional Licensure Attorney

Have you recently had a formal complaint filed against you? Lauren Campoli can help you respond to and defend against complaints of misconduct. She is an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how hard you’ve worked to excel in your career. Criminal charges can impact your professional license when you least expect it, but one mistake doesn’t have to hinder your entire professional career. Lauren Campoli will ensure you’re represented fully and effectively so you can continue your career and move on with your life. Contact us through our online form or call the Law Office of Lauren Campoli directly at 612-810-0060 to schedule a strategy session specific to your case and needs.