Should we be contacting an attorney now?


A seach warrant was executed on Monday March 19th at our residence.
Officer’s indicated they would be mailing a long form complaint to my husband and I.
Possible charges 5th degree possession (Marijuana)
We would qualify for a public defender. (Minnesota)

Additional information
I want to thank all of the attorney’s that responded to my question. Your advise is VERY much appreciated. The waiting seems worst at times than the “knowing” what we are facing. It’s hard to prepare for the unknown! This is an aweful thing to have happen and we pray that we will be able to learn from it and beable to put it behind us when all is said and done. But again…Thank you for the advise and well wishes!!!


If you are even considering a private attorney, it is never too early to contact one to discuss the case, your rights, and your options. Even if you are not yet charged, a private attorney can advise you of your rights and guide you through the legal process. This is often a very important time period since the police are trying to build a case against you.

The public defender will not begin to represent you until you are formally charged. If you qualify, I urge you to contact their office as soon as you are charged, go through the application process, and then set up a time to meet with him/her as soon as possible.