Can you move out of state while completing a pretrial diversion program?


I was pciked up for pubic intox, in fort wayne Indiana . I then went to court and they asked me if i wanted to do the pretrial diversion program, which i agreed to do. I have not completed the program, but am going threw some hard times and would like to move back to my home state (iowa) so i can get help from family to get back on my feet! I would like to know if i could just move and complete the program in my home state?


No, you can not just pick up and move while on pre-trial diversion in Indiana. This type of activity can get you thrown out of the diversion program.

First, you need to clear this with your pre-trial diversion supervisor. I’m not sure exactly how pre-trial diversion works there in Indiana, but, in my jurisdictions (I’m licensed in 3 states), there was a probation officer that my clients had to report to on a regular basis. Sometimes, my clients were just required to call in.

Regardless of how your pretrial diversion is set up, it is necessary to inform them of your intentions to move out of state.

The best thing to do would get this entire case resolved before you move.