Hire a criminal lawyer or Public Defender?


A Paid Criminal lawyer can dismissed the charges 95% for the 1st or 2nd court hearing on simple assault and harassment charges. What about Public Defender?


I’m not sure where you are getting these statistics. No attorney can ever guarantee results in a case. EVER. It is unethical to do so. If an attorney gave you these statistics, that is cause for concern.

Second, a paid attorney and the public defender are both lawyers. They both went to law school. Both graduated. In most cases, the public defender will have more experience in trial than the private attorney. As a former public defender, I have worked with some of the finest trial lawyers in the state. However, the private attorney will have a lower caseload and may spend more time on your case.

I would encourage you to meet with the public defender (if you qualify) and meet with a few private attorneys as well. Then, make a rational decision based on all the facts and circumstances – legal and financial.