I asked the police to file charges in a robbery and they have not how long do they have to do this


the police have had yet to file charges againt these people and since then i have been robbed again … any idea what couldbe going on.


The decision whether or not to file charges and when to do so rests with the District Attorney’s Office. Typically, the DA will review a police officers report or reports to determine what — if any — charges to file. If the DA decides there is not enough information to proceed on a robbery charge, charges may never be filed.

So, to determine what is going on, I would call the DA’s office in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. So if you live in X County, you should call X County DA Office. Then, I would give the DA the relevant information such as when you made your report to the police, what officer took the report, and the facts and circumstances of the crime. They will be able to give you additional information.