Wrongfully arrested for shoplifting. Do I need a Lawyer?


I was at a large department store shopping and realized my phone was dead so I didnt know the time. I needed to pick up my kids from school soon so I just parked my cart in front of the store and left. ( i had my 6 week old son with me). As I was driving down the street I notice someone honking and driving very close behind me and I pulled into an apartment bulding to see what his deal was. I go up to his window but he just rolled it up. a couple minutes later two police officers show up and tell me the LP officer was placing me under arrest for theft. I guess he had video of me stealing BUT I DIDNT. i let the police search my vehicle and purse and they found NOTHING. not even tags, but they still gave me a ticket instead of bringing me to jail. How can they do that and what should i do?


It sounds like you have a very good case and it would be very wise to have an attorney to fight for you. The most important thing is to try to prevent any conviction from scarring your record. Any background check for jobs, schools, or housing will reveal a conviction.

I’d be happy to discuss your case in more detail. I have a lot of experience trying cases and welcome the opportunity to fight for you.