What can I do about speeding ticket?


I recieved a speeding ticket in texas for going 85 in a 75. What can I do about this since 1. I don’t want my parents to know and 2. I don’t want my insurance rates to go up. I am in college and cannot afford the ticket and increased insurance plus pay for college so if I pay and prices go up I will have to drop out of college.


The best thing to do — if you can afford to — is get an attorney to represent you at the hearing. Some attorneys, especially those just starting out their careers may be able to go with you for a reduced fee. Also, many attorneys – including me – will take into account your college status when setting a fee to represent you. Getting an attorney is the most ideal thing to do but I marked down, “No” for will you need to hire a lawyer because an attorney is not a necessity in this situation.

If no attorneys suit your budget, you can fight the ticket on your own. What you need to do is appear before the court on the date and time noted on your ticket. There should be some area which denotes “hearing date”. If there is no hearing date, you may need to call the court to find out when it is or to schedule one. The phone number of the court should also be on the ticket.

At the hearing, you must speak to the prosecutor. You should explain your situation – that you are a college student, you can’t afford the ticket and increased insurance. Ask the prosecutor to consider dropping the speeding ticket to a non-moving violation. The non-moving violation is a reduced offense of some kind (ex: defective vehicle) that will avoid points on your license and entail a much reduced fee.

Lastly, don’t freak out. Almost every speeding ticket can be negotiated. If you go alone, know that you can do it and try not to get too nervous. Everything will be ok.

Sorry that I’m not licensed in Texas or I would definitely help you out. If you ever visit Minnesota, Pennsylvania, or Colorado… well, I could certainly help you there.