How long does Hennipin county MN have to pick up an inmate from Mille Lacs County MN


My Boyfriend is waiting to be picked up by Hennipin county jail from Mille Lacs County jail and I would like to know how long Mille Lacs county can hold him before they have to let him go?


I presume that a writ was filed from Hennepin County requesting transport of your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is no longer doing a sentence in Mille or being held there on a new charge, he should be released within 4 days to go to Hennepin County.

The statute that is applicable is Minnesota Criminal Statute section 589.27. Here is the exact wording from the statute:

When return to writ must be made: If the writ is returnable on a certain day, the person to whom the writ is directed shall make the return and produce the petitioner at the time and place specified in the writ. If the writ is returnable immediately, and the place of return is within 20 miles of the place of service, the the return must be made and the petitioner produced within 24 hours. Twenty four additional hours are allowed for return for each additional 20 miles of distance between the place of return and the place of service.

So, I figure 4 days because Mille Lacs to Hennepin is approximately 71 miles and the statute grants the authorities an additional 24 hours for each additional 20 miles of distance.