If your on parole in georgia can you go to the bahamas?


Ime and husband wants to go on a cruise and i want to suprise him with it for christmas with one to the bahamas…would he be able to go?? his parole officer will let him got out the state so was wonding if he would be able to go out the country????


First, before you buy the tickets, you must contact the parole officer and obtain permission. Just because the parole officer will let him go out of the state, does not necessarily mean he can go out of the country.

To protect your husband’s parole status, if the parole officer agrees to the trip, get the parole officer to PUT THE PERMISSION IN WRITING. That way, if there are any problems down the road… say the parole officer gets transferred or leaves his job or dies, then you have proof that the parole officer gave permission. The last thing you want is for your husband to have his parole revoked for a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.

Bottom line, contact the parole officer and ask for permission first. Don’t just buy the tickets and hope for the best. That is a recipe for disaster.