I got a ticket for criminal mischief and the cop wrote on the ticket February when it happened in August. Can I fight this?


So he actually wrote out February when it actually happened in August. This happened in Gretna, La. and he told me that this kind of ticket usually gets dropped and just show up for court. But on the ticket for the court date it says you will be notified and I was never notified. What can I do?


You can always fight it! 🙂

In almost all cases, clerical errors will not affect the prosecutors case. The prosecutor can also amend the dates (many judges will even allow this kind of amendment on the day of trial!) In other words, it is of limited use to your case.

If the officer told you that this kind of ticket usually gets dropped, then that is probably more valuable information to you than the clerical error.

I would advise getting an attorney to represent you and to review the information before the next hearing date.