Hiring an attorney for a misdemeanor theft case


I have no money really. I am charged with small theft for stealing $38 and a cell phone out of a gym locker. I have nothing really on my record before and I am in my 20s. I want to get a stay of prosecution or a program to keep it off my record. Can this only be done with an attorney? Will the prosection just not discuss a deal with me if I represent myself? I have been quoted by an attorney $1500 to come to my arrainment date with me and I just think that is way too much just to have a behind closed doors discussion on my behalf…What am I supposed to do here?


The cost of a good criminal defense attorney = probably more than you want to spend. The cost of losing money, jobs, getting passed over for future opportunities, and forever having to explain a theft conviction = priceless. An investment in an experienced criminal defense attorney is an investment in your future.

If you can not afford an attorney, contact the public defender’s office in your jurisdiction for representation. If you are unsure about pricing and need additional information or options, almost every attorney offers a free consult an can provide you with a quote for your case.

As in every professional field, price is just one factor to consider when hiring a professional. I would urge you not to make such an important decision like this based on price alone. Some other factors you may want to consider when selecting an attorney are: their experience handling these types of cases, their knowledge about your offense and your options, their past results, former client testimonials, and the general feeling you get when you meet with the attorney. It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney and that you know exactly what services they are going to provide for you.

I wish you the best of luck and am available for a consult, if you’d like.