Can I ask for a plea bargain if I do not have any legal representation?


Apparently I do not qualify for a public defender. But I cannot afford to hire an attorney either. I got a 4th degree DWI. I only blew .082 on the first test and .093 on the second. The cop said they were both “weak” samples. On my first court date I asked the judge for a 6 week continuance pending the results of my urine test. If the results come back the same I was going to ask for a plea bargain of careless or reckless driving instead of a DWI. But without any sort of representation or legal advice, I have absolutely no idea how to defend myself or ask for a plea. can I even ask for a lesser charge if I do not have a lawyer? I wont even know what to say to the judge. I feel trapped. I also have a lot to lose if I get A DWI on my record. I might even lose my job. Please help me!


Please consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer who can answer your questions, determine your case strategy, and protect your record.

Ultimately, a lawyer is an investment in your future. Trying to save a little now representing yourself can and usually does have disastrous consequences that can last a lifetime.

I, as well as many others, provide free consults. I welcome the opportunity to speak to you.