Should I hire a lawyer at this point?


i used my mother in laws social secuirty card. I told her. She was confused on credit report what was hers. she took it to the police. An investigater started to inquire. She told him I would work with him. We met he asked me which outstanding debts were mine. We went over them. He asked that I contact the creditors. I explained I would pay the debt off. He said take care of getting an original copy of the application. Pay debts off and he couldnt gurantee but this would help not being prosecuted. I have a Felonly already for attempt on getting a credit card in someone elses name. I never did but tried. I am really fearful. I have a new job things are getting better in my personal life i dont want this to mess it up. My motherinlaw just wants her credit fixed not to hurt me


Yes absolutely. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the best way to protect your rights an your future.