The cops said a ci made a controlled buy from me. when searching my home they found some drugs. they said that the recorder the


ci was wearing didnt work. they found no buy money. i didnt give anybody anything personally. how does the MDI work if the ci no longer wants to testify because they may have stolen what they say was sold by me or their case is over? how long can they hold me without letting me cross examine the ci? i still have not given a statement.


You need to get legal representation immediately. If you can not afford private counsel, you should contact the public defender’s office in your jurisdiction. This is the only way to ensure that you’re rights are protected.

These cases are procedurally different than other cases and require that your attorney file particular motions to litigate issues on the confidential informant and their identity.

Going through a serious situation pro se (without counsel) is suicide. The only result I have EVER seen for someone pro se is a conviction and often prison time.