If I get in trouble for marijuana and paraphanalia before I turn 18, but don’t have a court date until after, do charges stay?


I know when you turn 18 everything is off your record. I was recently pulled over and the police found marijuana, paraphanalia, and tobacco in my car. They confiscated it, and told me that they wouldn’t draw up charges because they want me to rat people out. First, is it a smart idea to cooperate with them? Second, if I do have the charges against me, if I turn 18 before my court date, will the charges stay on my record even though this happened at 17? Also, am I going to get played by the police? Is what they offer legal, or are they just trying to get me to talk and stick me with the charges anyway?
Thanks in advance.


If you were 17 when the incident occurred, it would be a juvenile offense.

You should remain silent unless you have the assistance of a criminal defense attorney when you speak to the police. However, typically “ratting someone out” won’t help your situation. As mentioned, the police can’t make deals, they cant provide legal advice, and they can lie to people to get them to talk.

Finally, get the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer if you can afford it. If not, go to the public defenders office for help. Having an attorney will help you protect your record and your future.