Can I sue the Judge/courts that signed off on search warrant?


My house was raided today, my husband has been arguing with his X over visitation and issues with his child they share. We have “residential” custody of the child and she has lost a lot of her parental rights. She has called social services on us twice claiming pot use in the house, both times child protection services found the claims to be false. Now out of no where our house gets raided. There was no pot and the only only things they found was a pipe and some rolling papers ( I smoke hooka tobacco every now and again). They trashed my house and took all the firearms my husband had. (even thought they didn’t find anything) Is there anything legally I can do to the judge/courts? Also, they refused to specify why they got a search warrant, or what “evidence” they had.


Please refer to the previous answers regarding suing on the warrant.

With respect to the firearms and other property that was taken, there are certain procedures you need to follow to get those items back. It is called a forfeiture proceeding. If you’d like to speak in more detail about the particulars of forfeiture, please feel free to give me a call.