What should I do? A 43 in a 20 Ticket


I got a ticket for 43 in a 30 but the officer wrote down 43 in a 20. I called the number on the ticket and they said I would have to go to court to get it taken care of. I called the police department and talked to the officer and he admitted that he made a mistake but he also said I would have to go to court. The first person I spoke with and the officer both said I would not have to pay court cost. During court the officer told the judge that he made a mistake and that the speed limit was really 30 so the judge charged me with 43 in a 30 but then I was also charged an additional $153.00 for court cost!


A police officer or a court clerk cannot unilaterally waive the court costs. This is up to the judge and I’ve only seen waiver of court costs for indigent defendants (and even then, in very limited cases). You might be able to go back into Court to address the issue of court costs with the judge, if you think it may be worth your while.

My guess is that the police officer was referring to the additional fines that you would have had to pay if the ticket was 43 in a 20. I’m just thinking that this is what the police officer meant when he said “court costs”.