I am awaiting district attorney charges for an identity theft case-I provided all the info to detective, who has sent to DA


I am wondering, what i am looking at, for charges. It was a close friend whom I took and used his ATM card for purchases, etc, and admitted all to the detective, who was working the case. It was an act in a time of desperation. It was my first offense of any kind. Just wondering how quickly I need to get an attorney-I was told the case would be sent to the DA and I should expect a letter in mail.


First, the level of the offense is what determines the sentence. Felonies are more serious offenses than misdemeanors and therefore carry a steeper penalty range. It will depend on your charge.

At a minimum, I would do some research on what attorney you will hire. However, also keep in mind that you will need to pay restitution to the victim. In most of these cases, the DA is concerned about making the victim whole and the DA will be more likely to negotiate with you if you pay any money owing. In fact, I have seen people avoid convictions altogether by making all of their restitution payments.

So, if you owe money for the purchases you made, I would strongly urge you save that money for restitution.