What does it mean if my case was dismissed? And can I get a job?


I was charged with a misdemeanor and the case was dismissed. I want to know if that means my record is clear. I am looking for a job now and want to know if I have to put that on there and if I should put y previous job on there. I stole from my job and I got caught and that was how I got charged with a misdemeanor. I went to court and they dismissed my case. I don’t know how to apply for a job with everything going on. Please help.


If it was a complete dismissal, your record will show that you were charged with a theft and then it was dismissed.

To get rid of this record altogether, an expungement is required. It would definitely be worth your time to pursue an expungement given your current job search.

I’ve done a number of expungements and would be happy to speak to you in more detail about your situation.