What should I do? Suspected of Burglary


5/5/12 I was drinking at a friends. We got into a fight and the cops were called. My friend had a no drink so they took him and left me at his house. I left a short time later. Late 5/7/12 the cops showed up at my house and told me my friend’s house got robbed. He came back 3 times since. He got angryer with each visit. He told me I was the prime suspect and he had witneses seening me carrying stuff out. The only thing I took with me was my beer. I havent been arested. But I’m vary scared. I have never been in a situation like this before. I dont know what to do. He told me He’s turning this over to detectives.

Additional information
When he first stopped by I let him look in my house I had nothing to hide.


The best thing you can do is remain silent. Do not agree to any phone interviews or in person interviews with the police. If you are charged, speak to a criminal defense attorney immediately so that they can protect your rights and fight your case.