Got caught shoplifting at wal-mart first timer please help


ok so me and my sister in law both shoplifted at walmart but we had different items just in the same bag. Walmart charged both of individually of 42 dollars but even though it was in the same bag we both stole different items can we be charged for the other persons items too? Also the cops came and we were taken to the police station hand print and everything and we were given a ticket to show in court what will happen to us. We are very scared that it might go on records. Should we get a lawyer? we both are 24 years old I know we should know better but it was in the heat of the moment and we just did it and I know we will surely forever regret this for the rest of our lives!!!


As my colleagues have already stated, the most important thing is to protect your record. You are young and have so many opportunities in front of you. So, avoiding a conviction would be my number 1 priority.

There are a couple of options and I can certainly discuss those and the facts of your case with you.