How do I petition the court to allow a level 1 sex offender to be around our 3 children (2 biological his and 1 not)?


My fiance was recently convicted of a level 1 criminal sexual mosconduct offence from when he was a teenager. One of the conditions of his parole is thst he doesn’t have any contact with minors during his probation period (10 years). I have a 4 year old from a previous relationship who views my fiance as his father and I am pregnant with twins. How do I petition the courts to get my fiance allowed to be with our children?


If your fiance was represented by a lawyer to handle the criminal case (and hopefully he was), then contact that lawyer to discuss modification of the terms of probation. Typically, this is done by a Motion to the Court by the lawyer and sets forth the reasons for the request and the legal justification for it.

If he did not have an attorney, then you can file a motion pro-se (meaning without representation), but, it is advisable to perhaps hire a lawyer just for the purpose of modifying the terms and conditions of probation. You may want to inquire about an hourly fee for this motion because it shouldn’t take very long.