If I was charged with a petty misdemeanor for drug possession would it be best to argue it in court to expunge it or just pay?


I was pulled over for going to fast and the cop smelled marijuana in my car. He didn’t give me a speeding ticket but searched my car and found a bag of pot in my glove box. I was charged with a petty misdemeanor of small drug possession and am wondering how long this stays on my record. If it is possible to get expunged right away. If a petty misdemeanor looks bad for housing and jobs down the line as I am only 18.


The best way to protect your future and your record is to hire a criminal defense attorney to analyze your case to determine the best course of action that will protect your record. Since you are so young, and have a bright future ahead of you, you should fight this case.

An expungement after a guilty plea is an uphill battle. So, if you can prevent that in the first place by preventing it from ever going on your record, you are in a far better position. The absolute worst thing you can do is plead guilty as charged.