2nd dui in MN in 10 years


1st dui was in 05 and I have not had a ticket since then. I was pulled over by a cop driving in front of me for speeding and was issued the breathe test which I failed. I had a .17 acording to the machince at the station after a failed 1st attempt. I would like to know what I’m facing as charges and if they can be lessened. I am more concerend about getting to work more than anything


The best course of action is to interview a couple of attorneys who are experienced and practice in MN. You will get a feel for the attorney, his/her practice, and how you feel the attorney will handle your case.

If you can not afford an attorney, seek the guidance of the public defender.

But, note that the public defender can not handle the civil implied consent portion of your case (the part of the case dealing with your license revocation). You will have to handle that on your own or seek the guidance of an attorney if you are working with a public defender.

Many attorneys (myself included) always handle both the civil and criminal side of a DUI case. This is something to ask about when interviewing attorneys for your case.