Dumbest thing I’ve ever done, shoplifted (Statute 609.52). I am humiliated & sick about my action. Can you advise me? Thanks!


> ?? -Do I need a PD & what may be the likely outcome @ my hearing on 9/26? Thank you sooo much!

I took a $40 watch from a Walmart in St. Paul, MN w/o paying for it (Statute 609.52).
> No excuses, but reasons behind it include:
– Lost job in CA due to lay off.
– Then suffered a medical chronic pain condition w/long recovery.
– Unemployed, had to leave family and move in w/relatives in MN.
– Subsequently, developed depression and under treatment.
– Overwhelming sadness & despair over inability to afford X-Mas and B-day gifts to my son.
– Scewed judgement created impulse to take watch watch as gift.
> No priors – Professional – educated – M.S. degree.


You may want to consult with a private attorney. An investment in an attorney is an investment in your future. Obviously, you have already put a lot of work/time into your career and education. A criminal conviction can jeopardize everything you have worked so hard to accomplish. Theft is an especially debilitating kind of crime because future employers will believe you will steal from them and hence be less likely to hire you vs. someone with a clean record.

That being said, if you truly have no money to hire a lawyer stick with the PD. Yes, you definitely need a lawyer whether private or PD. It is absolutely suicide to try to handle a criminal case without counsel.