Can an attorney negotiate sentencing for me when I turn myself in on a probation violation warrant?


I have a warrant from a missed chemical evaluation in 2006. I was on probation for a DUI, and received a probation violation resulting in the warrant. This has hung over my head for far too long. I would like to get it dealt with soon, but am not looking forward to the 30 days jail time (which i imagine i would lose my job over), more probation, driving classes, and whatever else they may throw at me. Is there any argument any of you attorneys may have to consolidate some of this sentencing into perhaps a larger fine, and have the rest of the BS I’d have to go through dropped? I’d like to get my ducks in a row soon.

*related info- There has been a DAS mailed to me since the warrant was issued, and I ignored a jury duty notice. Added charges can complicate things im sure.

Additional information
I know that I need an attorney for this matter, and will not go about this without one. This is a very serious matter, and I plan to treat it as such.


Consulting with and hiring an attorney to represent you will help you get the best outcome possible for your situation.