What can do about an alleged victim running my case.


The alleged victim of my case is a convicted documented liar and had set me up at my job to make it look like I looked her up in a database under another employees name. I am currently charged and have dealt with false allegations from her and her twin in the past as well as my husband. She has harassed me and everytime I make a police report she retaliates against me. She called the police everyday for one week and filed complaints on every officer in order for me to get charges. She has showed up to all of my court appearance and brought in more fake stuff to make it look like I am harassing her (she sends herself texts and emails and blames them on me or sets up email accounts with my name in order for it to look like me and gives to the judge/prosecu.) I feel like she controls my case.

Additional information
She does not want to risk my charges getting dismissed but she is a provable fraud and has been convicted of false reports in the past. At my hearings she tries to come by me and my husband and has even whispered stuff to us. She follows us outside of the courthouse and the prosecutor does not see any of this. I also believe that she has contacted my former employer. Also the lead detective on my case has lied under oath and I can prove this based upon transcripts and his own police reports, will this help that he lied?


The best way to end this situation permanently with this alleged victim is to have an attorney investigate the case and fight it on your behalf.

This sounds like a case where you need a fast-acting defense attorney to clear up the situation before it goes any further. Ultimately, you may need to take this case to trial so I would advise hiring someone with a lot of experience in that area.

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