What will my punishment and amount in fines most likely be for 1st offense petty theft?


It is my first offense of any kind, I have no criminal record. I was cooperative and remorseful. My roommate and I stole $10 worth of pastries from the campus grill at 5 a.m. when it was closed because we hadn’t eaten in over a day and there weren’t any food places open on campus. We had no transportation to get anywhere and it was too cold to walk anywhere outside.


I agree with my colleague. The most important thing would be to keep your record clear since you are a young student, working hard, and have a long life ahead of you.

The collateral consequences of ANY conviction – even a petty offense – can seriously hinder your ability to get a job and take advantage of opportunities that may come along.

It would be best to consult with an attorney before accepting any plea bargain or pleading guilty. This way, you can best protect your record.

I, as well as many other attorneys in the area offer free consults. I welcome the opportunity to assist you.