Will my mother go to jail or prison over a arsen?


my father just recently passed and my old house burnt 5 years ago and the state police are trying to accuse my mother when she didnt do it what will the outcome be?


First, arson is a serious felony and your mom should hire an attorney immediately. She should not make any statements to police either. Even if the police try to tell her that they “just want to clear things up”, she should politely decline their offer for an “interview”. I use quotes there because whenever police call a person into the station usually it is because they are a suspect and the police want information to build a case against that person.

Second, if your mom is innocent she needs a good, experienced, criminal defense attorney to either negotiate her case or try her case to a jury.

Third, unfortunately, no one case predict the outcome of the case. I wish I could let you know for sure, but it is unethical for any lawyer to guarantee results.

The best that your mom could do would be to retain an attorney to review her options. In these types of cases (after handling a number of them myself), they usually come down to the details of the arson investigation. So, if they are in dispute, you will likely need an arson expert on your side to re-evaluate what the police arson investigator concluded.