How can I be charged with Disorderly Conduct when if the Deputy was aware I was having a seizure?


I informed the police a while ago that I have epilepsy due to them being complex. I also have mental illness, i called to get a crisis # due to being siucidal and they sent a deputy out. My parent saw I was heading into a partial seizure and was trying to overdose. She grabbed me and the deputy saw me pulling away and kick towards her. He arrested me for domestic assault and released me a few hours later with a ticket to appear for disorderly conduct. They did not have me sign the ticket or inform me that they decided to charge me with disorderly conduct instead of domestic. I do have over 50 pages from my hospital records regaurding epilepsy, behavioral outbursts, bipolar, depression, anxiety, ptsd, and prior suicide attempts. Can they charge me? If so what can happen?


I’m so sorry this happened to you. Many times, innocent people are charged with crimes. It sounds like the police officer did not know — or take the time to understand — the entire situation. Therefore, you were charged.

A criminal defense attorney would be in the best position to help you.