Wrong license plate number on ticket.


i got stopped for my “illegal” window tint (under 50%) in MN. i told the officer i’ve been ticketed before and the following is the conversation:
cop- well aren’t you going to take it off?
me- no.
cop- why not?
me- because i think it’s a ridiculous law.
cop- you think it’s ridiculous for people to be able to hide guns while cops approach a car?me- are you going to give me a ticket?
cop- well yeah, because you’re arguing with me.

first off, i find it wrong that he was going to give me a ticket *because* i was arguing with him and *not* because i was breaking the law.

now to my point: on the ticket he gave me the license plate number is completely wrong, not even close to mine, but it has my name, address and right make & model. can i fight this on a technicality? or can i just ignore it?


I’m sorry that you had such a negative experience with law enforcement. In the area of traffic tickets, a police officer has very wide discretion in making a decision about whether or not to give someone a ticket – and for what offense. For example, I’m sure you have a friend or have heard of someone “Getting a break” for a speeding ticket or other traffic offense because the officer decided to give a warning instead. This is common.

So, unfortunately, even though the officer told you you were getting the ticket for arguing, at a traffic hearing he will say it was for unlawful window tint. Also, he may add that he was going to give you a break, but, you made him upset so he wrote you the ticket.

The mistake on your ticket will most likely not affect the outcome of your case. HOWEVER, it is always best to contact a lawyer to review the mistake and make a determination about whether this mistake can help you resolve the matter in your favor.