2nd degree burglary charge on abandoned property in country. Piles of trash/junk all over lot. Also a shack on lot. Junk!!


No one witnessed my being on the abandoned property, I did not enter the shack nor did anyone see me enter or be inside the shack. The piles of trash had some housewares but nothing of real value. My car was on the property, nothing inside the car, was just looking around. Police called, I stayed with the owner until the cops showed, was arrested and chgd w/ 2nd degree burglary.


It would be best to get an aggressive, experienced, trial attorney on your side immediately. It sounds like there may be some witness or property owner who provided a different scenario to police. This is but one possibility. With a closer look at the discovery – including police reports, witness statements, and any other evidence — an attorney will protect your rights and help you get the best outcome possible.

In the meantime, remain silent and make no statements about your case. Also, don’t offer to go into the police station to “clear things up” even if the police tell you that they just want your side of the story. Nothing good ever comes of those meetings.