Was given a ticket for running a red light but the light was not red it was green


I was in a left turn lane behind a semi truck, we had an green arrow, I proceded to turn left with a yellow arrow, as I was in the intersection the light had turned green on the other side, making the north and south side with soild green lights, the trooper pulled me over saying I ran a red light and ticketed me for that, but both lights were green, I did go to court to try and fight but didnt get to talk to a judge cause the procecuter wanted to settel it out of court, he said he can change the offence to failuar to yeild. I really dont feel I should have to do that or pay for something I didnt do. should I continue to fight it or take the failure to yeild even though I still had a right away when I was turning.


I would take the deal.

Here’s why: At the trial, you will stand before the judge and testify that the light was green. The Officer (who presumably has no motive to lie), will then testify that the light was red and you made an illegal left turn against the light. There may be some potential issues with the Officer’s vantage point. You didn’t mention that in your question. If the Officer was behind you he probably had a decent view – or he will testify that he did. If he was somewhere else, you might be able to call into question his ability to see the light.

Then, the judge will have to decide who to believe. 9 times out of 10… well, you know who they believe.

I had a few judges who would give brownie points to people that cared enough to show up to court for a traffic ticket. But, the judges in my jurisdiction rotated on a daily basis so I could never count on the lenient ones sitting on any given day.

So, if the failure to yield carries no points and a minimal fine, I would take that and be done with it. If, however, you really have to go and fight this (because believe me, I understand that feeling), do it. Just be aware that it will come down to your word vs. the officers.