My son was charged with a DUI,he cant afford an attorney. How should he handle this?


He is 27,never been in trouble with the law, this is his 1rst offense. He will plead NOT GUILTY. What should he expect and what can he do to prepare for his court hearing which is two days from now on the 17 in Snohomish County courthouse

Additional information
He refused the breath test at time of arrest, and again in the jail. The arresting officer listed him as :white male” on the ticket but he is dark olive skinned and 1/4 Indian.Additionally, he was driving his friends’ car who, at the time, had his licensce suspended .When the officer ran the plates he assumed my son was his friend, the one who has his licence suspended. My son’s licence has never been revoked or suspended. And he was not doing any drugs or taking any meds the night this happened.


You really need to obtain an attorney. In this great country, even if you can not afford an attorney, you are entitled to one. Here is the address and telephone number of the county pd’s office.

Snohomish County Public Defender

1721 Hewitt Avenue, Suite 200
Everett, WA 98201
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T: 425-339-6300 F: 425-339-6363

I encourage your son to go immediately to that office and obtain an attorney. There are some issues you presented in your question that need to be addressed.

It is never advisable to proceed without an attorney on a DUI – even if it is a first offense.