Can i beat this speeding ticket?


I was given a speeding ticket on a highway in Mass. by a local police officer. This ticket was given in Oct or Nov. of 2010 and i requested a hearing then but just recied one in 2012. Is there a way of beating this ticket?

Additional information
I was coming from the Andover area towards Boston. The officer pulled on 93 for one exit. I was in the left lane but was being boxed in by a semi I started feeling my anxiety act up because of this. I then pulled over to the right lane and stopped. The officer then 30 seconds later pulled up behind me then put his lights on and issued me a speeding ticket.


From experience, most speeding tickets can be negotiated. It will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case, your driving record, the specific statute you were charged under, and any observations that the officer may have noted down on your ticket. For example, officer may have noted your attitude – for better or worse.

Your best bet would be to hire an attorney to review your case and then represent you at the hearing. If the attorney can help you avoid getting points on your license it will save you a lot of money in insurance premiums in the long run.

If you wish to fight the ticket alone, please check out the answer I just provided to a previous poster this evening by clicking on my profile and then my recently answered questions. I wrote a number of tips about fighting speeding tickets without a lawyer present.