Who to send a letter of lenience to?


I have written a letter requesting lenience for my fiance. So has his Mother, Brother and a couple other people. Who exactly should we send them to? His attorney? The Judge? Or both?


At a minimum, I would encourage you to send a copy to his attorney. Make sure that you clearly identify the letters with your fiancé’s name so that the attorney can review them and incorporate them into his/her sentencing argument.

I have also had family members submit letters directly to the court. The upshot is that the judge may have additional time to actually read all the letters. The downside is that the letters may lose effect — presuming the judge has already read them — when the attorney brings them up again during sentencing.

So, I would contact your fiancés attorney and ask him/her if you should also send the letters to the judge. The attorney will probably be familiar with the Court’s preferences. Some judges really appreciate receiving leniency letters in advance. Others do not.